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SEP 27, 2009
The Colorado Convention Center in Downtown Denver
Sep 27 (9am-4pm)
Sep 28 (9am-4pm)
* * *
OCT 03, 2009

Metropolitan Pavilion-
125 West 18th St. NYC
Sat, Oct 3 (11am-7pm)
Sun, Oct 4 (10am-6pm)  
* * *
OCT 11, 2009
Sun, Oct 11 (9am-1pm)
Canyon Crest Academy 5951 Village Center Loop Rd. San Diego 92130 For more info, call 858-626-6944.
* * *
OCT 17, 2009
Location: Indiana State Fairgrounds
Sat, Oct 17 (10am-5pm)
Sun, Oct 18 (11am-4pm)
Admission:  General- $7.00
Grandparents- Half Price, Children 5 and under are Free
* * *
OCT 24, 2009

Sat, Oct 24 (10am-5pm)
Sun, Oct 25 (11am-5pm)
$8.00 adults

Children under 12: FREE
Grandparents: FREE
Cash only
Tickets sold until 4:30 pm
* * *


”Baby Einstein Click ...“
Price: $6.25

Welcome to Mommie 2 Be. Our site caters to "soon-to-be" or "first-time" mothers who are now discovering the challenging and rewarding experiences of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. This site is meant to be a forum for those individuals who desire to explore and share their new world of pregnancy and early motherhood. Right now we are offering an Kohl's 30% Off Coupons to help you save on cribs and other baby furniture for your newborn.
Our goal is to collect advice, tips, and opinions stretching from the newly experienced mother to the classified expert. We ultimately hope to create a complete "one-stop," online environment that discusses all aspects of pregnancy and early motherhood candidly and honestly.
Please enjoy our site and don’t forget to visit and comment in our forum. More to come soon.



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How to Know When Youre in Labor
How to Know When You‘re in Labor
Demo of Infant Massage
Demo of Infant Massage
Babies Learn to Swim in Deep Water
Babies Learn to Swim in Deep Water
Eating for a Healthy Pregnancy
Eating for a Healthy Pregnancy
Is Breast Really Best? Breastfeeding Cas
Is Breast Really Best? Breastfeeding Case
Worlds oldest new mom dies, leaves 2 to
World‘s oldest new mom dies, leaves 2 toddlers
Current Events/Slice of Life
Unborn baby undergoes lung procedure
Unborn baby undergoes lung procedure
Nine-year-old kept her cool when baby br
Nine-year-old kept her cool when baby brother arrived
Current Events/Slice of Life
Baby Signs Demo
Baby Signs Demo
Using Baby Signs
Using Baby Signs

Pregnancy Tips
Free Ca. Govt. Grant Serves First Time Moms

Breastfeeding isn't going well and you've got a colicky baby? Do you have some questions about breastfeeding and sleep patterns, and don't know who to ask?  Well there is a California goverment grant that is helping first time moms!   They came to my house and the nurse helped me a lot!  If you have some questions, they have the answers. 

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Review: Baby Signs Potty Training

Baby Signs Potty TrainingCheck out the "Green Daily's" review of the BabySigns® Potty Training Program.  Now in the M2B Store!  


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About the Baby Signs Program

 The Baby Signs® Program is the leading sign language program for hearing babies. Two decades of scientific research, much of it funded by the National Institutes of Health, has proven that the Baby Signs® Program : Promotes positive emotional development , Jumpstarts intellectual development, Helps babies learn to talk, Boosts babies’ self confidence, Reveals how smart babies are, and MORE!

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Why there's no magic pill for women

Perhaps the world would become a singsong, happy place just like Viagra commercials promise.  Women could arrive home from a bone-weary day, drive the kids to practice, make supper, do a little housework and then--even after a slightly pithy exchange with their spouse over who's driving the kids tomorrow--take a pill and shazam! they would feel instantly sexual, hot and bothered, ready and waiting.

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Cara Schoenley, MSW, (ASW#18858) On Sleep Training

Is your baby having trouble sleeping at night?  Is six months old?  Only sleeps 5 hours a night?  Are you overwhelmed, exhausted, and tired?  Then sleep training might be for you!

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 Special Announcement
Enter The August Mommie To Be Drawing!

Hello, and congratulations to last months' book winner: Jessica Kweck!

Enter our drawing to win a FREE Julie Kappas & Lyss Stern's book called "If You Give A Mom A Martini" (100 ways to find 10 blissful minutes for yourself).  All you need to do is click HERE to register and your email will be entered in our monthly drawing.  Thanks for visiting and enjoy our site!

This book is highly recommended by Mommie2Be.  It gives Moms new and creative ways to take a break from the duties of being a mother.  Just 10 minutes is all you need to recharge your batteries!  
Stay tuned for full book review by M2B!

The Thorns and Roses of Motherhood
July 31, 2009

As I approach my 10th month of motherhood I think about all of the trials and tribulations that I have been through.  Let's face it, motherhood is tough.  You need to remain very positive in order to survive, and more importantly not bite your husbands head off.  Below are some of my thorns (tough moments with baby) and my roses (sweet moments with baby).  Both my thorns and roses I cherish equally.  I am writing this blog because I know that there are many mothers out there that can relate.

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Mommie of the Month
August 2009 "Mommie of The Month"-Cara

This month M2B is proud to announce a special "Mommie of The Month."  Why is she special you ask?  Because not only is she a mother, an Early Childhood Development and Mental Health Caseworker, but a Sleep Trainer as well.  That's a lot of baby time!  M2B had NEVER heard of such a thing as a Sleep Trainer, so as you can imagine we had a lot of questions.  Below is our interview with Cara, and below that is some information on Sleep Training and how you can hire Cara for your family.  Local (San Diego) inquiries only please.

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